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Not Compatible with macOS 14

macOS 14 (Sonoma) has introduced incompatibilities (bugs) which break the Tropical Heat game. This issue isn't limited to Tropical Heat, it effects thousands of games (depending on the game engine used for game creation). It may not be possible for the developer to fix these macOS 14 issues. They are continuing to look into possible future solutions. We hope Apple will be able to fix this issue. Tropical Heat is currently only supported up till macOS 13 (including macOS 13.6.3).

Jet Ski Racing

with heart rate stress feedback

Take a fun and relaxing race through the tropics with our new, state of the art Jet Ski trick game - Tropical Heat!

New Tropical Heat Plus

  • Improved Graphics
  • 6 New Levels with Improved Scenery
  • Smoother Gameplay
  • Unlocked Dolphin and Other Animals

To win in Tropical Heat

  • Put yourself in a positive state
  • Smooth your heart rate

Build coherence with this fun, visually stunning game by SomaticVision, the makers of Dual Drive.

Visit the virtual island of your dreams with sparkling seas and dazzling sunsets in HeartMath's new and exciting Tropical Heat Jet Ski Racing game. Tropical Heat, based on heart rate feedback has multi-player racing, top notch graphics and animation, and amazing trick capabilities that make the game fun and teach you greater inner control of your heart rate and stress levels. Tropical Heat can be played in hands free relaxing island cruise mode, extreme racing mode, or many modes in between. Tropical Heat has a setting for everyone, whether that is a relaxing cruise through beautiful tropical islands, or an extreme race to achieve the Tropical Heat World Record.

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Requires emWave2 or emWave Pro to operate.

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