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Transforming Anger: The HeartMath Solution for Letting Go of Rage, Frustration and Irritation.
by Doc Childre and Deborah Rozman, Ph.D.

If you are dealing with anger you can't quite seem to manage, this book can give you hope, as well as practical tools to successfully handle this emotion. You'll learn that the heart provides a unique access point from which anyone can regulate many of their reaction patterns. The heart is so powerful - generating sixty times the electrical amplitude of the brain - that it can draw your brain, nervous system, and emotions into its coherent rhythms and unlock more of your own innate intelligence.

The purpose of this book is to help you:

  • better understand how and why anger occurs in your daily life
  • understand how your body triggers anger and responds to anger
  • learn and use fast-acting tools and techniques to get in sync and release anger
  • find and act on new solutions for situations involving anger

Adults with a long history of anger, children who are easily frustrated, teenagers with shifting emotional moods and raging hormones - all have used the power of the heart to change their feelings and their perceptions right in the middle of an angry reaction.

Managing your anger with the HeartMath techniques doesn't mean leaving yourself open to getting walked on. You don't become naive or cave in to others demands. You become clear and centered, and see what's best for you and others. You start to see life not in an overly idealistic way but in a realistic and hopeful way.