HeartSmarts Adventure® (Ages 4-6+) Family (5 Users) License


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A joyful interactive program blending exploration of the physical heart, heart health and the feeling heart.

Tailored for classroom or home use, HeartSmarts Adventure for ages 4 to 6 is a wonderful new way to teach children how the heart works, and habits for keeping it healthy and strong. Along the way, they will learn about their emotions and how to manage them. As they work through the six artfully crafted Adventures, children will love completing more than 60 engaging and informative activities. They can sing along with HeartSmarts’ joyful songs and practice three special self-regulation techniques that can help them take charge of their emotions. When the last Adventure is over, children will possess important life-affirming knowledge and skills that will serve them throughout their childhood and into adulthood.

Blended Online Social And Emotional Learning

Includes a Leader’s Guide for classroom teachers or parent instructors in the home. It is designed to allow children to go at their own pace, and there is a reward at the end – their very own Emotion Detective ID Card – for those who complete all of the activities.

HeartSmarts Adventure Instructional Units

  • Adventure 1: The Physical Heart
  • Adventure 2: Healthy Heart Habits
  • Adventure 3: Investigating Emotions
  • Adventure 4: Emotions and the Heart
  • Adventure 5: Getting Unstuck
  • Adventure 6: Sending Love and Care

HeartSmarts Emotion Regulation Techniques

  • Heart-Focused Breathing®
  • Heart Warmer®
  • Heart Shine®

6 Original Sing-along/Movement Songs

  • Heart Rhythm Dance
  • Healthy Hearts Habits
  • Look Inside Hearts
  • Remember to Breathe
  • Let’s Get Unstuck
  • Helping Others Feel Good

HeartSmarts Adventure Features and Content

Each Adventure unit contains five types of activities that appear in clickable icons at the top of all Adventure pages: Video, Activities, Art & Music, Kids Talk and What Do You Know?

From illustrations of the pumping heart, rolling Emotion Dice or spinning the Emotion Spinner to hearing the beating-heart sounds of several species, emotion-face matching and moving to and singing original HeartSmarts songs,there is something to interest every child. These and many other activities comprise a broad science-based learning experience suitable for supplementing formal educational learning curriculums for the 4-to-6 age level.

The HeartSmarts Adventure Hosts

Kids, teachers and parents all will appreciate the love, care and enthusiasm of the program’s hosts: the animated owls Zoe and Prescott, narrator Kim Bent, Dr. Mimi Guarneri – Cardiologist founder and the president of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine and Christiana Bishop, the Emotion Detective.