emWave Pro Software

Item #: E6030
  • This is software for those who already have the emWave2 handheld or current emWave USB hardware. Works on both Windows and Mac systems.
  • Sensor hardware not included. For those who previously purchased an emWave2 handheld or the obsolete emWave PC program with current USB hardware.
  • For emWave2 owners, adds Multi-User capability – store session histories for each client or family member (sole difference with the emWave2 software)

Improvements from previous-generation emWave PC program:

  • New stream lined user interface
  • Auto saves every session
  • Replay and review previously recorded sessions easily from the review screen
  • Easily add a title and information to your session
  • Games, Visualizer and Coherence Coach are just one click away
  • Improved export functionality
  • Enhanced Database options
  • Auto updater

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