Dual Drive II for emWave®


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Ease into the Race:

Start your engines and stay on course with Dual Drive II, revolutionary auto race game powered by your balanced heart-rhythms and inner alignment (coherence).

Choose from 14 sports cars and 21 racetracks. Speed through cityscapes, beautiful nature environments, stunt tracks with loops, F1 racing, and a moon race!

Maximum Graphics Quality — Hours of Progress

  • Stunningly realistic nature and city environments
  • Shiny sports cars and futuristic vehicles
  • Earn money by winning races to upgrade your car
  • Nitro speed boost, skid, car damage
  • Head off track to find secret paths

Dual Drive II draws you in. Unlock new levels and cars. Earn cash to buy and design vehicles.

Minimum System Requirements

Download Program Installer

Download includes limited-time, fully-functional game. Enter your license code for unlimited play.
Requires emWave2 or emWave Pro to operate.

Download Dual Drive II for Windows   Download Dual Drive II for Mac