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HeartMath Quiet Joy (e-Music)

Quiet Joy (e-Music)

Item #: EQJ

Price: $5.95

A selection from Doc Childre's award winning releases Heart Zones and Speed of Balance, representing the more serene and peaceful side of Doc's musical style. Designed to renew, center and refocus. This music has been effectively used by health professionals to help stabilize emotions and resolve nervous system chaos. Quiet Joy has significantly helped to calm children at home and improve behavior and performance at school.

Ordering this album electronically allows you to start listening almost immediately after placing your order. After your order is complete you will receive an e-mail with a link to download the album. After downloading the album, open the ZIP file to uncompress and start listening to the album in your favorite MP3 player.

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Too little music for the money

Reviewer: A customer from Gunnison, CO USA

This CD is less than twelve (12!) minutes long. I bought it expecting that it was at least thirty minutes long and hoping it was closer to an hour long as this is how long other CDs are for the same price. Thus, I was rather disappointed.

The music itself is pleasing and does in fact calm me down. It sounds very modern. It works well as background for anxiety-producing homework, though it has to be on repeat. I haven't used it for meditating yet, but I think it would probably work well for that.

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Reviewer: A customer from Dartmouth Canada

This product is meant to be used in conjunction with the freeze-frame program and as such is perfect. It is the desired length for the exercise and can be put on replay if a longer time is desired. It should not be compared to commercial cds.

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Very soothing

Reviewer: A customer from Holland, Michigan

I purchased this years ago and created a mix with one of my yoga cds. I use it on flights (especially real early or late ones) and it soothes and energizes me. Yes there are just 4 pieces for a total of around 12 minutes. But I don't listen the way I do normal music, more like a software meditation.

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Very enjoyable

Reviewer: A customer from SoCal

The CD is a short compilation of music that is soothing. I like it because it's not the usual birds chirping and water or rain kind of calming music. I find it good for meditating but also for background music while I work because it’s not distracting for me. Very nice.

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