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HeartMath HeartMath Meditation Assistant (e-Book)

HeartMath Meditation Assistant (e-Book)

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HeartMath Meditation Assistant: Integrating emWave® and Inner Balance™ Technologies

The HeartMath Meditation Assistant provides a comprehensive understanding of how to use the emWave or Inner Balance to enhance your spiritual/self-help practices. Using the emWave or Inner Balance with the HeartMath Meditation Assistant can be a facilitator to any system of meditation, self-help or healing techniques. In this program, all systems and techniques are honored and respected. Whatever practices you follow, using the emWave or Inner Balance creates more ease and flow from the heart, which helps you get the most out of your meditations and feel the benefits you are seeking more quickly. Follow this guide and you will learn how to use the emWave or Inner Balance to experience new enrichment from your efforts. The emWave or the Inner Balance used with the HeartMath Meditation Assistant will help you develop a deeper heart connection, refine your practices and get more value out of the time and energy you put into them.

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Too often when people meditate, they actually have no idea how they’re doing. There’s no feedback. The beautiful thing about the HeartMath program is it gives you immediate ongoing feedback to know how you’re doing. The HeartMath program actually measures where you are and can guide you to a better place scientifically — and that’s the cool part. So the plan would be — you have to assess where you are. You can't know what you don't measure. You have to train your brain.. which is really what HRV training is all about: It's soothing the brain; it's state training; it's how to get into an optimal state so I can feel and function at my best.

—Daniel Amen, M.D., psychiatrist and best-selling author of Change your Brain, Change Your Life and PBS television programs on brain fitness.

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