SWBA Annual Practitioner Access Fee

Item #: Z0032

Full access to the HeartMath Stress and Well-Being Assessment platform.

This Assessment Tool Allows You to:

  • Gain a detailed understanding of your client’s strengths, patterns and limitations.
  • Create a framework to communicate effectively with each client.
  • Identify the most significant areas of stress and resilience.
  • Individualize your clients' sessions according to their specific issues.
  • Reveal and prioritize next steps for your client.
  • Create a vision for moving forward and achieving optimal outcomes.
  • Set achievable goals.
  • Help clients become accountable.

Additional Notations:

*For those certified trainers and coach/mentors who currently pay the $150 annual Materials and Resource Fee, the SWBA license is included.
**This annual SWBA access fee includes 1,000 uses of the assessment and grants the right to charge clients for administering the SWBA.

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