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HeartMath Coherence Coach - Mac

Coherence Coach - Mac

Item #: ECCM

Price: $19.95

An entertaining, interactive software application that teaches HeartMath's Quick Coherence® technique for relieving stress and increasing performance! Now for the first time, you can learn one of HearMath's key techniques through the convenience of your personal computer. Download the Coherence Coach to experience and apply this scientifically validated process that rebalances your system and improves mental clarity and emotional balance.

Step-by-step, through narration, music, colorful animations and an adjustable breathing pacer, you'll learn how to master this three step process. You can use the Coherence Coach time and again to enjoy any of the five animations and accompanying music the Coach provides. This new, innovative approach to teaching a HeartMath technique offers a unique learning experience that can bring your system--emotional, metal and physical--into an improved state of balance on demand. Use Coherence Coach to boost your energy and relieve your stress anytime, anywhere.

Mac System Requirements

To successfully run the Coherence Coach, your system must equal or surpass the following configuration:

  • Mac G3, G4, G5 700 MHz1
  • Mac OSX
  • 256 MB of RAM, 512MB recommended
  • 25 MB of free hard disk space
  • Video adapter with support for 65536 colors (16bpp)2

Click here for the Coherence Coach for Windows.

1 Running the Coherence Coach on a processor slower than a Mac G4 may result in irregular movement when viewing the animations as well as other performance issues.

2 The Coherence Coach will run on systems limited to 16 colors, but the results may be less than spectacular.

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