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Heart-Brain Fitness Fundamentals with emWave2 (Charcoal)

Heart-Brain Fitness Fundamentals with emWave2 (Charcoal)

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Price: $199.00

Brain fitness is an important issue these days. Cognitive decline, ADD, Alzheimerââ¬â¢s and other mental health issues (anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc.) are a growing concern for many of us. Our ability to focus, concentrate and remember has a lot to do with how we manage our emotional energy. Emotional stress has a major impact on our immediate and long term cognitive functions. A critical factor that brain fitness programs rarely address is how our heart rhythms and emotions affect our cognitive functionsââ¬âand how we can improve our brain and mind, not just by playing puzzles and games, learning a new language or musical instrument, or going back to school, but by practicing specific HeartMath® techniques that connect our heart and mind integrated with heart rhythm feedback technology (emWave® or Inner Balance ). This is what the powerful new HeartMath Brain Fitness Program provides.

Your Entire Package Includes:

  1. emWave2
  2. The HeartMath Brain Fitness Program eBook
  3. Love Your Brain/Love Your Heart teleseminar
  4. Brain/Body Integration and Coherence teleseminar

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