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IHM TestEdge Grades 3-5 Teacher's Kit

TestEdge Grades 3-5 Teacher's Kit

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Price: $129.95

Improves Test Scores, Learning Readiness & Attitudes

Many students are unprepared for the pressure of key exams, such as those mandated under NCLB. They can become emotionally and/or physically upset weeks in advance. As a result, their ability to learn new information and to recall and use what they have already learned is greatly inhibited. With TestEdge tools, techniques and strategies, students learn to overcome test anxiety, resignation and discouragement while at the same time improving listening and focusing skills. TestEdge boosts comprehension and problem solving because it's so highly effective in increasing clarity.

TestEdge focuses on Stress Smarts and Test Smarts, two of the three key areas needed for outstanding academic performance. Skills in these areas greatly enhance students -- ability in the third area -- Fact Smarts.

  • Stress Smarts
    Positive emotion-refocusing techniques proven to lower stress and test anxiety, and to increase focus and comprehension.
  • Test Smarts
    Advanced test-taking skills and strategies for higher test scores.
  • Fact Smarts
    Subject knowledge and skills (Math and Reading Comprehension)--TestEdge helps students improve their ability to absorb and remember the facts and skills taught in their core academic curricula.

Easy to Teach
Teachers use 16 poster-sized photo lesson cards that include fully scripted lesson plans teaching the core concepts. The lessons can be taught in sixteen 10-to-20-minute sessions. Total instruction time is about 5 hours.

Teacher's Kit includes:
-àTestEdge Teacher's Manual
-àTestEdge Student Workbook
-à2 Full Color 11" x 17" Posters
-à16 Poster-Sized Laminated Photo Lesson Cardsà

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