Building Personal Resilience™ Certification Pkg.

Item #: BD1416

The Building Personal Resilience™ Certification Program is a science-based certification to help you access the power and intelligence of the heart. You will learn practices that support your clients in unfolding their higher potentials and rise above daily stress from a place of empowerment and self-security. Not only will you learn to share the program with others, you’ll also develop or deepen your own practice. This course is a blended learning-style format that includes eight hours of recorded, self-paced classes and eight hours of live, experiential classes.

The Building Personal Resilience program is part of the HeartMath mission to help activate the heart of humanity through people living more heart-based lives. In this course you will learn to:

  • Understand the basics of the HeartMath® System including science, techniques and practices.
  • Practice and share HeartMath’s most widely used techniques to assist clients in identifying goals, expanding their awareness of stress as a source of energy drains, and transforming stress into renewing energy and resilience.
  • Provide clients with self-regulation techniques and strategies for connecting with their heart’s intuitive guidance.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the award winning Inner Balance™ coherence technology for emotional energy management, intuitive decision-making and how to share this with others.
  • Be certified to use the HeartMath System in your professional suite of client services.

Upon completion, you will become a HeartMath® Certified Mentor and become part of the HeartMath certified professionals network for continuing education and on-going support.

The program includes:

  • Eight 1-hour recorded video classes presented in 4-7 topic-specific modules
  • Eight 1-hour live online interaction and discussion classes
  • Eight hours of mentoring practice with 2 volunteers of your choice
  • Inner Balance™ Bluetooth® technology
  • Building Personal Resilience Reference Guide (downloadable)
  • Building Personal Resilience handouts (downloadable)

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